Bacteria have a strong tendency to develop resistance to any substance that might be detrimental or lethal to them. This phenomenon has been repeatedly demonstrated with antibiotics and disinfectants. Unlike antimicrobial products, CONAIR’s probiotics do not contribute to the development of resistance in bacteria. The mechanism of action is based on the principle of ‘competitive exclusion’, combined with an influence on the ‘quorum sensing’ communication between micro-organisms, and the breakdown of biofilm.
CONAIR Probiotics through our PROLIFE brand aimed to create a healthy environment for animals living in barns, stables, pens, and ponds as well as plants in fields or greenhouses. PROLIFE's Probiotic Animal Cleaning Products establish a healthy living environment for every type and size of animal, bird, fish and now through the PROBIAGRO brand, for any type of plant.

The principle behind competitive exclusion is that during the cleaning and environmental control processes layers of beneficial bacteria are applied to the surfaces inside the barn or processing facility. These bacteria immediately occupy the surfaces, consume food resources (dirt, grease and other organic matter), and leave nothing behind for pathogenic invaders looking for space and food.




PROBIagro offers a two stage probiotic bacteria treatment:



Plant vegetation surfaces treatment


BT100(AHS) is a highly concentrated solution, 
100% safe and biodegradable, 100% non toxic,
enriched with probiotic bacteria, designed for 


BT100(AHS) is to be sprayed directly on the 
plants, thus creating a microscopic layer of 
probiotic microflora that protects from and 
does not allow pathogens to thrive on the 
treated surface.


Soil and water supply treatment


BT200 WATER PLUS - is a concentrated water 
compound, 100% safe and biodegradable,  100% non toxic, enriched with probiotic bacteria


BT200 WATER PLUS was designed to be 
administered via the existing water supply 
sistems on a continuous basis throughout the 
plants life cycle